July 13, 2023

What is keratin hair treatment?


A keratin hair treatment is a method for smoothing and straightening curly, damaged hair. A keratin-based product is used on the hair during a keratin hair treatment, and then the hair is sealed in with a flat iron. This procedure can give damaged or frizzy hair a sleek, shining appearance by smoothing it.

The body naturally manufactures the protein keratin. It aids in giving the skin, nails, and hair structure and strength. Three primary regions make up hair fibers: Only larger or thicker hairs will exhibit the presence of the medulla, which is found in the center of the hair strand. Cortex: The majority of hair is made up of this. It has proteins and offers mechanical assistance. Cuticle: This thin, scale-like protective outer layer is made up of keratinized cells. With the aid of chemical linkages like ionic, disulfide, and hydrogen bonds, keratin forms a lengthy helical chain inside the cortex.

Additionally, the a-helical keratin structure can be preserved by van der Waals forces, which are weaker molecular forces of attraction. The majority of the cortex is made up of filaments, which are collections of these helical strands. The keratin strands are the focus of the chemicals used in keratin hair treatments, which change their shape. Read more about What is keratin hair treatment?

The goal of a keratin hair treatment

The goal of a keratin hair treatment, commonly referred to as a Brazilian blowout or keratin smoothing treatment, is to improve the texture and manageability of the hair. The procedure involves coating the hair with a keratin-based solution, which is then sealed in by applying heat from a flat iron.

Our hair, skin, and nails all naturally contain the protein keratin. It is in charge of giving the hair structure and strength. The levels of keratin in the hair can be reduced over time by factors like heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental degradation, leading to frizz, dryness, and brittleness.

The hair is infused with keratin during the keratin treatment, which helps to heal any damage and flatten the hair cuticles. This procedure makes the hair more manageable and easy to style while reducing frizz and enhancing luster. The degree of straightening will vary depending on the person’s hair type and texture, but it can also temporarily straighten the hair.

It’s crucial to remember that keratin hair treatments use chemicals and may contain formaldehyde or compounds that release formaldehyde. When handled improperly, these compounds have the potential to be hazardous yet aid in tying keratin to the hair. It’s important to discuss any worries with a qualified stylist and pick a reputable salon because some treatments could make claims that they are formaldehyde-free or have low levels.

A keratin hair treatment’s effects can persist for a few weeks to a few months before progressively fading as the hair grows out. To keep the intended results, many touch-ups or reapplications are usually necessary.

Maintenance and upkeep

A person should wait at least two days before washing their hair after receiving a keratin hair treatment. They ought to refrain from:

  • Utilizing abrasive shampoos and conditioners
  • Wearing their hair up in tight fashions
  • exposing it to chlorinated or salt water
  • To make the treatment last longer, it’s crucial to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. These goods are frequently offered in hair salons, online retailers, and beauty supply stores.
  • Too much hair washing can remove the keratin treatment, therefore people should try to limit how often they do it. Instead, attempt to wash your hair every 3 to 4 days with lukewarm water.
  • Another way to keep the hair nourished and protected is by using a leave-in conditioner.
  • To prevent hair damage when blow-drying, use a lower heat setting, and apply a heat-protectant product before using any hot styling tools.
  • Additionally, it is advised to wait at least two weeks after receiving a keratin treatment before dyeing the hair. In addition to preventing hair damage, this enables the treatment time to set.
  • The results of keratin treatments for hair may continue for 12 weeks or more. To keep straight, smooth hair, one must repeat the procedure as the initial effects gradually disappear. Read more about What is the difference between keratin and protein hair treatment?

Benefits of keratin hair treatment

Shinier hair is visible.

The hair cuticle is smoothed during keratin hair treatments, which reduces frizz. Additionally, a lot of people discover that the treatment gives their hair a naturally shining, smooth appearance.

Results sometimes linger.

The effects of the treatment can last up to a few months if a person takes proper care of their hair, uses the right products, and does not wash it too frequently.

Hair becomes easier to handle

Keratin hair treatments can save styling time and make hair more manageable, therefore people with extremely frizzy or thick hair may opt for them. Individuals could discover that their hair dries more quickly after the treatment. This in turn can lessen exposure to heat, which can enhance the health of hair.

Hair breaks less frequently

Because keratin is a structural protein, it can fortify hair and lessen breakage. Some claim that because of treatments, their hair grows more quickly because the ends don’t split or break.

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Is it a better alternative for hair treatments than others?

The lasting benefits of keratin hair treatments are a significant benefit. They can significantly cut down on the amount of time spent styling the hair each day, especially if it is frizzy or thick. The impact may persist for 12 weeks or longer.

Additionally, some people no longer require heat styling for their hair. This is due to the fact that hair appears glossy and silky after the treatment and dries naturally straight. Read more about What is the difference between keratin and protein hair treatment?

Is the procedure safe?

Because keratin treatments involve formaldehyde or other chemicals that produce formaldehyde, there has been some criticism around them. Formaldehyde is a poisonous gas that is colorless and smelly. If formaldehyde is inhaled or comes into touch with the skin or eyes, it could be hazardous to one’s health.

The harmful effects may include:

  • irritation
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • allergic reactions
  • chest pain


Hair that has received keratin treatments looks lustrous and frizz-free. People claim that it can improve hair management. Although these procedures are pricey, the effects may linger for a few months. Nevertheless, keratin hair treatments do have some hazards despite their widespread use. Most of them have formaldehyde in them or other substances that could release it. Side effects from these substances may include allergic reactions, coughing, and vomiting. So this conclude topic for What is keratin hair treatment?

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