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Does keratin treatment straighten hair?

Topic: Does keratin treatment straighten hair?

In fact, keratin treatments can aid in hair straightening. A common salon process known as a keratin treatment is used to smooth and straighten frizzy or curly hair. It entails utilizing heat, typically from a flat iron, to seal a keratin-based compound into the hair cuticles after applying it to the hair.

Keratin, a protein that helps create structure and strength, is the main ingredient in hair. Keratin treatments function by temporarily changing the structure of the hair. The treatment’s keratin formulation covers the hair strands, smoothing out the cuticles and filling in any gaps. The hair may appear straighter, shinier, and easier to manage after this procedure.

However, the results of a keratin treatment can vary depending on the individual’s hair type, texture, and the specific product used, among other factors. Some people may achieve completely straight hair with a keratin treatment, but others may just experience a reduction in frizz and curl, leaving them with looser waves or a smoother overall texture. With effects often lasting a few weeks to a few months, the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment can also vary. Read more about Does keratin treatment straighten hair?

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

The fibrous protein keratin, which is present in the hair naturally, serves as a barrier against humidity. The hair loses keratin over time as a result of contact to the sun, the environment, style, and chemical services, leading to the development of porous areas. By itself, keratin interacts with the hair’s porosity. The majority of hair damage, tangles, and frizz are caused by too porous hair. Keratin treatments fill in the keratin gaps where it has been depleted, preventing humidity and giving hair a healthier appearance

What Are The Different Types Of Keratin Hair Treatment?

  1. Cezanne

Since the structure of your hair is not changed chemically, this keratin treatment is moderate. In comparison to a keratin treatment, it uses less formaldehyde and smoothes your hair without damaging the disulfide bonds in the hair cuticles. It is perfect for smoothing down wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. This procedure is ideal for blonde hair that has undergone color treatment. 5 to 6 months are covered by it.

Before applying the solution, the hairdresser splits your hair into pieces. After that, your hair is covered in plastic and left for 40 minutes. The cuticles are then sealed by rinsing, blow-drying, and flat-ironing your hair. Before rinsing, this solution may be kept on for one or two days.

  1. Trissola Solo

Your hair is softened by the Trissola Solo treatment without having its inherent structure permanently changed. There is no formaldehyde in this formulation. It mainly focuses on adding shine to hair that is dry and lifeless. It is simple to use and works well on thick, curly hair. This procedure is available to anyone who wants sleek hair or soft, lustrous waves. Depending on your hair type, it lasts for 3–4 months.

  1. Goldwell Kerasilk

Although this procedure takes some time, the results are astounding. It calms dry, damaged hair and thoroughly removes frizz. All hair types, notably thick, coarse, and wavy hair that is prone to frizz, benefit greatly from this non-toxic hair treatment. For up to five months, it gives you hair that is smooth and manageable.

The smoothing agent is applied to your hair in small parts after shampooing. Your hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed after 15 minutes. The following step involves another shampoo, blow-dry, and straightening of your hair. The entire procedure lasts roughly three hours.

  1. Peter Coppola

According to Peter Coppola, this treatment is the greatest for dry, over-processed hair because it lasts for 20 minutes. A Peter Coppola treatment can last up to three months. It is similar to the Cezanne treatment for reducing frizz and loosening the curl without making the hair too straight.

  1. Lasio

The strongest service provided by the salon is called Lasio. It lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and is excellent for thick, curly hair. With addition to straightening hair, it aids with strand repair.

How to Prepare for a Keratin Treatment

A professional should do a keratin hair treatment, as with any chemical process for the hair, and you should always talk to them about any necessary preparation. Pre-treatment hair coloring is discouraged since the chemical might change and remove the color. Last but not least, you should make sure you are not sensitive to formaldehyde, as it can result in symptoms like stinging, itching, and burning eyes, irritation of the nose and throat, and a runny nose in people who are.

Who Should Avoid Keratin Hair Treatment?

  • Because the chemicals used in keratin treatments are highly powerful, it is not advised that pregnant women undergo them.
  • Anyone with fine, thin hair or hair that has been highly processed (such as bleached hair) should avoid getting this treatment

Can You Do Keratin Hair Treatment At Home?

Yes, but don’t anticipate salon-level outcomes. While at-home treatments frequently wash out within a few weeks, keratin hair treatments completed at a salon can endure for several months. Additionally, you must get the appropriate hair products for the therapy. The name “keratin” does not always indicate that a product is appropriate for keratin treatment. Examine the product’s ingredients and directions before buying it for the greatest outcomes at home. To get straight, frizz-free hair at home, look for detailed instructions on how to wash, dry, and straighten your hair.

Keratin Treatment Advantages

There are many advantages for strands from keratin treatments.

Prevent frizz in humidity: Avoid frizz in humid conditions by getting a keratin hair treatment, which is better for your hair’s health than other straightening methods. Keratin treatments fully smooth out your hair and prevent frizz since they fill in the porous gaps in your hair strands.

Smooths out the hair cuticle: Curl pattern smoothing is another advantage of keratin treatments, along with smoothing out the hair cuticle. This will save you a lot of time if you frequently press your hair out.

Adds a glossy shine: A keratin treatment will make your hair appear much shinier. People with naturally curly hair often don’t notice shine in their hair since curls reflect light less than straight hair.


Avoid immediately washing your hair after the treatment and applying any hair products to give the keratin product time to absorb into your hair. Before washing with a sulfate-free shampoo, experts advise waiting at least three days. For three days following treatment, it is advised against being touched or propped up to prevent denting.

Your hair will suffer more damage than good if you don’t take care of the treatment afterward. Due to the intense heat and chemicals used, keratin treatments can cause excessive hair shedding and hair thinning if they are not properly maintained. So this conclude topic for Does keratin treatment straighten hair?

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